Derma Pulse is a first time E-marketing initiative - The 1st & only one for Dermatologist & Cosmetologist of India. It fulfills the long felt need of an E-marketing Platform for Pharmacetical Industry. The unique initiative truly represents the 'Pulse' of Dermatologists & Cosmetologists, since it has been conceived, researched and developed on the basis of feedback and interactions with doctors. Derma Pulse an E-marketing initiative is a Fast, Efficient & innovative way to reach out to more than 5180 top Dermatologists & Cosmetologists across India

What is so unique about Derma Pulse E-marketing Initiative?

Derma Pulse E-marketing team for the first time in India formed an exclusive "Derma Pulse Club" more than 5180 dermatologists and cosmetologists as its members.

Innovative Free Services are offered to the Derma Pulse club members

• Free Consultation for increasing Business
  • Developing of Promotional programs for launch of a new clinic or creating awareness of a new procedure or a specialized treatment
  • Strategy development to acquire new patients with minimal efforts & expense
  • Evolving programs to boost the dermatologist’s reputation & expertise
  • Provide tips for growing business
• Free Advertisement / Poster / Educational material for the doctors Clinic
  • Concept development ,copy writing, creative layout & designing of artwork
  • Free 24 x 7 queries answered on any Product/Brand
  • Free New product launch information is provided on a regular basis
  • Dermatologists & Cosmetologists are brought a step closer to Pharmaceutical industry
  • Recognition amongst peers
  • Medical related queries are answered by our expert panel Doctors

What is Derma Pulse E-marketing role & advantages?

• E-Ads are developed by Derma Pulse team using latest technology and are an excellent media for   brand promotion & re-call.
  • Teaser /Brand awareness Ad
  • E - Ads can be modified / changed any time to be in-line with current promotion
  • Saves time & cost both in terms of printing & speed of Delivery
  • Synergises the efforts of Marketing & Sales force
  • Pre – launch awareness is created amongst doctors
  • Reinforces one-to-one communication efforts of the field force
  • Derma Pulse team has an excellent rapport with Derma Pulse club members